Plan Things Out! – 4 Key Steps to Successful Planning

What’s up people! Today we're here to talk to you about BEING A PLANNER! We can’t stress this enough.  (You may want to grab a cup of joe for this post!  It's LOOOOOOOONG) Nothing is worse than making big decisions without being prepared. Any decision you make,...

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Lame Introductions!

What's up people! Hopefully you've read the About Us section by now so there shouldn't be a need for introductions.  If not, check it out! But if you're lazy (like us), we'll save you the trouble. We are Joel and Riah, just 2 ordinary people with average paying jobs...

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Meet Joel & Riah

Joel and Riah from Andres the Secrets

We’re just two average adults striving to live a not-so-average life without breaking the bank. Join us in this journey as we learn to undress the secrets of life!